Some of the most popular questions
about working with a Financial Advisor:

Q. Do you offer debt management?

Debt and cash management are one of the main services that we do provide. This may include assessing, restructuring and managing any kind of public or private debt, regardless it’s about a company or a private person. Also, we have an extra experience in managing interest rates debt management for investment companies, hedge funds, brokers or private investors. Additionally, we work with a lot of students and property owners on managing their respective debts in the smartest way.

Q. Are you providing risks assessments and investing portfolios assessments?

As the main part of our clients are either investment companies, hedge funds or private investors, risk assessment is an essential financial advisory tool that we surely know how to use right. Also we work in a two-way environment. Our company can both assess risks for a portfolio or a project for an investor, or advise a business who seeks investments on managing their market value in the best way…

Q. Can I just order an hourly payment based, second opinion tidbits and not a full-blown portfolio or assets management?

Absolutely. We work based on two different models of payment. Firstly, we assess the risks, investment portfolios, and assets or business market value on a regular basis. Also, we can provide our advice in a part-time, 2nd opinion format, when you will be paying based only on how many hours of consulting your company have used.